Oakleaf kicks off their partnership with The Ability People with an introductory webinar

This week Oakleaf kicked off their partnership with The Ability People with an introductory webinar.

The event showcased inspiring personal stories from Liz Johnson, Adil Ghani, Rhiannon Henry and Ryan Jermin, shedding light on the resilience of disabled individuals in the workforce. Liz always wanted to be a swimmerย and went on to compete in the Paralympics. Following this she found a passion and need to create meaningful employment for disabled people andย there The Ability People was born.ย 

Two models of disability were discussed: the medical model’s evolution and the social model’s focus on abilities and removing barriers.

While challenges like reasonable adjustments were highlighted, the event provided constructive recommendations, including offering options and using positive language. Employers were encouraged to be transparent, promote inclusivity, and approach disability discussions with empathy. The emphasis on understanding diverse capabilities and fostering psychological safety underscored the potential for talent retention. In summary, the event celebrated honesty, openness, and the creation of a truly inclusive workplace.

Thank you for such an enlightening session.

Thank you so much. I’ve taken away so much from this session.

It’s been really interesting. It’s given me a lot to think about.

This has been hugely insightful. Thank you all for your openness.

Thank you, Liz and team, for your time and insights. Much appreciated.

Thank you for today’s session. I really enjoyed it.

Great discussion everyone. Thanks for the session and your insights.

Thank you for sharing and to the team at Oakleaf for inviting me. I appreciate your honesty and insights. We’re at the beginning of this journey; what a great session to start us off.

Amy Morris

Amy Morris

Managing Director - UK

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