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This is not just limited to FinTech, but we have also seen increased demand for HR talent MediTech, and EnergyTech.

Posted by: Emma Castillo

“I believe it is essential that all large employers must publish their workforce ethnicity data annually”

Posted by: Sarah Westwood
Katrina Stewart

I had the pleasure to meet Yulia O'Mahony - Head of D&I and Wellbeing at John Lewis Partnership and she was delighted to share some of the work they have been doing.

Jola will be recruiting permanent HR hires across the Third sector markets in London

Posted by: Jola Kopec

Please get in touch should you wish to be included in future OP Academy events

Posted by: Yasmin Paget

The morning was chaired by Ama Afrifa-Tchie, People Experience Director at iTEch Media

Amy Morris Profile Image

The research highlighted some key information on the challenges, aspirations and requirements from job seekers

Posted by: Amy Morris

“have Fridays off, and we won’t call you unless it’s an emergency!”

Posted by: Jamie Newton

It’s always about the people and culture, not the benefits – the joy from duvet days or late starts only really last for a certain amount of time

Posted by: Emily Smoothy

In the wake of the latest HMRC consultation, we discussed the implications of the legislation and how this will affect businesses.

Posted by: Kate Benson

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