About Us

I founded Oakleaf in 2005.  I walked away from a secure job, good salary and career safety but my vision for a new business (as well as a hugely supportive wife!) gave me the courage to take the leap of faith and start on the Oakleaf journey (the Oakleaf is a symbol of courage, after all!).

 Today, I could not be prouder of what we have already created as well as our ambitions for the future.

Oakleaf Group’s success is built firmly on our core values, created and owned by us all, and is underpinned by deep, long-lasting customer* relationships, built in 3-dimensions, face to face. We treat everyone in a way we would expect to be treated ourselves. Our culture has helped define our past and will shape our future.

 (*we don’t differentiate between “clients” and “candidates” – everyone is a “customer” in our eyes).

 As ever, my “door” is always open, so please feel free to contact me direct if you fancy a coffee one day.


Richard Colgan

Founder & Group CEO


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