Me, Myself & AI – The Impact of AI on Our Professional Lives

Last Wednesday, in partnership with CWN, we hosted an informative panel discussion event centred around the theme of “The Impact of AI on Our Professional Lives.” The event featured three distinguished speakers: Al Crawford, Rajat Kotra, and Katarine Pera, who shared their insights and perspectives on the subject.

Throughout the event, the speakers emphasised that we should not fear the progress brought about by AI. They underscored that technological advancement, much like the transformative developments of steam engines, electricity, and computers in the past, has been a continuous force driving human and economic growth throughout history. Rather than fearing AI, they encouraged attendees to embrace its potential benefits.

The panel discussion delved into various aspects of how AI is likely to affect careers. One crucial point discussed was that skills-based hiring, where agility to learn new skills, human empathy, and leadership qualities will become increasingly important. These attributes will enable individuals to navigate the evolving professional landscape and thrive in a world where AI plays a more significant role.

Rajat contributed by discussing the ethical considerations of AI, such as bias, privacy, and transparency. He emphasized the importance of developing responsible AI systems that address these ethical concerns. He highlighted that as AI becomes more integrated into various aspects of our lives, it is crucial to ensure that it is designed and used in a way that respects individual rights and values. While acknowledging potential concerns, the speakers highlighted the overwhelmingly positive impact AI can have on industries and professions. Katarine even expressed her belief that AI could help reduce bias, rather than exacerbate it.

As a key takeaway from the event, attendees were encouraged to actively explore AI systems and technologies. The panelists emphasised the importance of staying up-to-date with AI developments and cautioned against falling behind in the rapidly evolving job market. Importantly, the panel’s consensus was that AI will be an essential partner in our professional lives, rather than a threat that will take away jobs. It is expected to enhance our capabilities and open up new opportunities for growth and advancement in various fields.

“Wednesday night’s event, Me, Myself, and AI: Making AI Work for You, was an absolute triumph! The event, in collaboration with Oakleaf Partnership, was CWN’s first ever hybrid event and was a thought provoking journey into the incredible world of AI, seamlessly blending insightful discussions, personal experiences and quality networking time. Participants were treated to a wealth of knowledge on harnessing AI’s potential for personal and professional growth. The dynamic panel shared practical insights, demystifying the complexities of AI and empowering attendees to integrate it into their lives. Special thanks to LendInvest who hosted the event and to CWN member Charlotte Wiseman, Events Strategy Committee Chair, for moderating.”

Event Attendee

Amy Morris

Amy Morris

Managing Director - UK

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