Mapping the way forward for a multigenerational workforce.

We are on a journey and need a clearer roadmap to get us to our destination, an age-inclusive workplace where older workers are appreciated for their contribution and employers see the benefits of multigenerational teams.

Following the survey conducted by ProAge and Brave Starts, Oakleaf has surveyed 112 HR Director-level professionals. We are delighted to share our findings with you, offering an extension to this insightful report, tailored to provide comprehensive insights and analysis.

We hope you will join us on this journey to map out the road ahead and develop a set of implementable recommendations that benefit older workers and employers so that we can make the most of opportunities offered to us for a healthier longer life.

The next event will be in Edinburgh on the 18th of January. To join this event, please register below:

Edinburgh – A Multigenerational Workforce: Mapping the Way Forward ยท Luma

A special thank you to:

Lucy Standing โ€“ Co-founder Brave Starts
Mike Mansfield – CEO ProAge

A multigenerational workforce:

Mapping the Way Forward

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