Episode 18 – Ize Idemudia, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley

Episode 18 of the Oakleaf Podcast is now available

In this month’s episode, Amy Morris – Managing Director, sits down with Ize Idemudia, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, to explore her extraordinary journey to success.

Ize’s career began with a different path. Her leap into banking opened doors to a diverse, global environment that broadened her perspective.

Growing up, Ize was instilled with the belief that unwavering hard work could lead to boundless achievements. Yet, she soon discovered that dedication alone wasn’t sufficient. She underscores the importance of intentional career choices and the need to periodically revisit personal principles. One of the vital lessons from Ize’s journey is the emphasis on valuing experiences over promotions. She encourages fellow professionals not only to aim for climbing the corporate ladder but to embrace the rich experiences offered throughout their careers.

For Ize, the pivotal moment arrived with motherhood. It reinforced the significance of embracing one’s own voice and contributing her unique perspective to the workplace.


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