AI meets Payroll – Post Event News

On Thursday last week, we held our latest Payroll event, ‘AI Meets Payroll’ breakfast roundtable, with resounding success, filled with insightful discussions and active engagement from all participants. Our fabulous speaker, Madeline Johnson, delved into the latest advancements in AI-driven payroll solutions, sparking lively debates and thoughtful questions from the room. The interactive session provided valuable perspectives on how AI can revolutionise payroll processes, enhancing accuracy and efficiency.

The enthusiasm and such positive feedback from the attendees proves the impact and relevance of our event in driving innovation in payroll technology! Thank you to everyone who came for your contributions, and here’s to our next Oakleaf Payroll event! Watch this space!

Stacey Radford – Senior Manager – Payroll

Event Feedback

“I really enjoyed the session and discussions. It was lovely to network with others and meet Madeline – she is such a charismatic lady!  You are absolutely right, the small setting was nice and intimate and the breakfast created a relaxed atmosphere., This was a perfect meeting.”

“Thank you for organizing such a fantastic event. It was truly a pleasure to attend and participate. From the engaging presentations to the insightful discussions, every aspect of the event was well-planned and executed flawlessly.”

“It was a fabulous event! Stacey’s approach to networking makes you feel at ease and I was very impressed, great job. I am looking forward to the next one.”

“I really enjoyed the event and learned much from it. Thank you so much for inviting me, please let me know if you hold any other meetings in the future.”

“Really enjoyed being there. It was great being in an interactive session like that, really helped for me to gain some insights from others as well.”

“The interactive environment and the engagement from everyone on the subject of a.i was fantastic!”


Stacey Radford

Stacey Radford

Senior Manager - Payroll

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