Nick Ward

Consultant - Reward, Analytics and HR Technology

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I’m an avid golfer, which along with my studies has given me the opportunity to travel and see some stunning places. I completed 4 years of university in the state of Georgia, U.S.A, where I played on a golf scholarship and achieved high honours in my Business Management degree.

Since graduating, I’ve spent almost four years working in the golf retail industry and it’s over that time in particular where I’ve realised my passion for interacting with people and building strong relationships. It’s this passion that has led me to the world of recruitment.

I am extremely excited to have joined the Oakleaf Future Talent Scheme, working initially in Commerce & Industry before moving to our Reward & Analytics team. I look forward to working alongside an amazing and accomplished team, as I build my network of inspiring Reward professionals.

Being from the beautiful coast of Sussex, I enjoy cliff top walks, sports, eating out (or just eating in general), reading, and spending quality time with my loved ones.

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