Leighton Grant

IT/IS Manager

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After my time at North London University studying Computer Science it was time to enter into the world of IT in the midst of the Y2K bug pandemic. I was set on the path becoming recruitment company specialist from the start as I had previously spent my sandwich year and subsequently my first contract working for a virgin fast track international recruitment company.

After 12 years working for a couple of other recruitment businesses, spanning IT, Risk and Business Improvement, a change was needed to a more agile company with an aggressive but stable plan for growth and Oakleaf fitted my expectations perfectly.  After an initial meeting with the board of directors I all but signed on the dotted line and this has been the story to date.

My time out of work?? I like to keep it as hectic as possible. It’s always been my belief to work and play very, very hard.  I’m a lover of most sports from athletics, F1 to mixed martial arts but more to the point I am an Arsenal fan all the way!  A keen photographer and traveller with the majority of the Americas and West Indies under my belt, I was planning to start working on the eastern leg of the globe but marriage and 2 beautiful daughters have changed my priorities.


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