Carter Hoekstra

Consultant - US

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I am a graduate from Cornell University with a Major in Industrial Labor Relations, and a Double minor in Business and Inequality Studies. Prior to Oakleaf, I spent three years with a boutique HR & Marketing recruitment agency working mainly with Bay Area tech companies. Throughout my tenure, I was able to develop my recruitment skills, and deepen my passion for working with people!  Recruiting has allowed me to connect with so many people with different backgrounds from all over the country.

I have been on sports teams my whole life and was a Varsity Athlete at Cornell University. I believe sports and teamwork are great building blocks for skills needed in the corporate world. Part of the reason why I joined Oakleaf was because of their amazing team, and reputation for success. I am excited to continue to grow and learn and contribute to the best of my abilities.

I joined Oakleaf in early 2024. In my current position with Oakleaf, I recruit HR professionals at all levels within the consumer goods, retail, hospitality, sports, leisure and travel industries.

When I am not in the office, I can be found in the gym or out in the mountains. I am an avid snowboarder, runner, basketball player, and biker. Ask me about the winters I spent living on a mountain in Lake Tahoe!

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