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UNITED KINGDOM: Amendment to Taxation of Share-Based Awards for Assignees

Lucy  Bills
21st October 2014 by Lucy Bills

A recent amendment to the new U.K. rules on how share-based awards held by internationally mobile employees (IMEs) are taxed, set to come into force on 6 April 2015, will potentially allow any amounts chargeable to U.K. income tax on the vesting of restricted shares to be reduced by any amounts that were charged to non-U.K. income tax on acquisition.

£2.7m turnover cost in Hospitality Industry

Anna Ross
21st October 2014 by Anna Ross

An article by Melodie Michel in Big Hospitality highlights the importance of reviewing recruitment and retention strategy in the Hospitality Industry where 20% of staff leave the industry every year.

Michel links the movement in this sector to the younger than average work force where ‘34% of employees aged under 25, compared to 12% in the economy as a whole’.

This turnover increase goes hand in hand with the overall growth of the Hospitality Industry and more and more demand for head counts to increase.

Martin-Christian Kent of People 1st however highlights a solution within our changing demographics as a solution to this potential problem; “The hospitality industry has traditionally targeted and employed a young workforce, but with current demographic changes this is no longer a sustainable strategy”. He goes on to highlight the change in Retirement age as an opportunity to recruit and retain more experienced staff but alongside this there is an ever present need to ensure that career development and progression opportunities are created.

On another positive note, it is also raised that within this change in recruitment strategy there could arise the opportunity to support women returning from maternity leave or periods of child care.

All in all it is clear that rather than attempting the same recruitment strategy to try and fill the gaps that a buoyant and demanding market has created The Hospitality Industry needs to review process and mind set and look towards demographic groups that perhaps previously have been over looked.


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