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Business needs to improve strategic workforce planning, research finds

Adrian Lewis
26th March 2015 by Adrian Lewis

UK businesses looking to improve performance and manage future challenges need to improve their strategic workforce planning, according to a poll by the Corporate Research Forum and KPMG.

The research found that although workforce planning was actively used in organisations, it was not linked to the overall strategic business plan. Only 15% of organisations surveyed said there was a clear link.

Businesses also said they tend to react to workforce challenges rather than plan for them. Almost half (47%) of those surveyed said that recruitment forecasts for the next 12 months have not been undertaken in their organisations.

“Adopting a strategic approach to workforce planning will leave organisations better prepared to deal with a dynamic and fast-changing environment,” Corporate Research Forum director Mike Haffenden said.

“In today‘s world of ever-increasing complexity, it is even more important to prepare for an uncertain future armed with a flexible plan, rather than simply reacting to unforeseen events,” he added.

The research also reveals that HR departments aren’t segmenting workforces thoroughly enough. This leads to taking a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to assessment, management and appraisal, which can be detrimental to the long-term performance of a business.


Dramatic rise in stress-related sickness absence among NHS staff

Georgina Knowles
25th March 2015 by Georgina Knowles

According to figures obtained by the BBC levels of NHS staff sickness absence caused by mental ill-health have more than doubled in the past four years. Data retrieved via a freedom of information request revealed that 41,112 NHS staff took sick leave for anxiety, stress and depression in 2014 which is a dramatic rise from 20,207 in 2010.


These increases could put added pressure and increased work load on the HR support within the NHS and may even lead to increased support being recruited.


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