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Top 25 work-from-home companies revealed

Gillian Lee
24th July 2014 by Gillian Lee

Training company Kaplan topped the survey from FlexJobs, which searched more than 25,000 companies to see which offered the most work-from-home opportunities over a month. Tech companies did well across the list with IBM, Dell and Apple making it into the top ten.


unhealthy workforce costing UK businesses

Henry Everett
24th July 2014 by Henry Everett

Employers should be doing a lot more to promote more healthy and active lifestyles for their employees, not least of all because it will save them money. It is costing businesses across the UK £56 billion in sick days and underperforming staff due to poor health! HR professionals should be considering ways to promote healthier living whether it be through a more active culture or through benefits such as gym membership, in the long run it will save money. 


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