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Auto-enrolment non-compliance breaches double

Holly Jay
24th October 2014 by Holly Jay

The proportion of investigations into auto-enrolment compliance that have resulted in potential and actual breaches has doubled to 47% this year.

The figures come from a Freedom of Information request carried out by Creative Auto Enrolment.

The Pensions Regulator says that since January, the proportion of auto-enrolment non-compliance investigations resulting in potential or actual breaches has risen from 23% to 47%, meaning that nearly half of all firms facing investigations could face sanctions.

Plans to finance egg freezing are a step backwards for gender equality

Jade  Sweeney
24th October 2014 by Jade Sweeney

Initially pioneered to give women the chance of having children after undergoing cancer treatment, cryopreservation is a costly procedure. And Facebook is now offering to fund it for employees (with Apple planning to from 2015) in the hope that dedicated, career-focused women can delay the disruption to their careers caused by childbirth and motherhood.

But by offering this benefit, Facebook and Apple are sending two very dangerous messages to their workforces and to the business community at large. First, that pursuing a successful career and motherhood are mutually exclusive and should, ideally, not be undertaken at the same time; and second, that once women reach a certain age, they are past their prime and their contribution to the workplace is not as highly valued.


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