Damien Barnett

Principal โ€“ HR Search

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Damien is an experienced HR Search Recruiter has worked both In-house and within a search environment, giving him a unique perspective on just what makes a high performing HR function. He has worked across London and the UK for the over 11 years now, supporting a broad range of clients within Commerce & Industry.

Damien is a committed to ensuring he has a sound understanding of the market, knowing the intricacies of various sectors across Commerce & Industry, from Retail to Tech to Construction as an example. He has built a network that is deep in these communities which has allowed for him to build a powerful brand to support candidates and clients.

With an open and honest approach, Damien will always look to do right by the candidate and client with a consultative manner that brings value add and support to a job search and recruitment campaign.

Outside work, Damien is a sports fanatic, whether it is Cricket, Football, Rugbyโ€ฆanything to be honest. If it has a ball in it, he probably is playing or watching!

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