We’ve updated our values…



Back in November, we all got together to take a look at our current company values to work out if they were still “valid” / “fit for purpose” and also to see if we thought they provided us with the correct “culture platform” to support the growth journey we are on.  I thought the team engagement with the exercise and the energy that afternoon were excellent and demonstrated just how seriously we all took this. We came up with really brilliant ideas and suggestions.  It was then time for us to decide on the final values that we will all “own” and agree to live our corporate lives by.

I’m super proud of what we have collectively agreed upon and I hope you are too. I firmly believe that they reflect the suggestions raised in our workshop and the language you used – these are, after all, collectively owned.

 “When the things you say and the things you do are in alignment with what you actually believe, a thriving culture emerges. Moving values off the wall and into the everyday actions of the team is the easiest and most inspiring way to build a values-based organisation.”  – Simon Sinek

Oakleaf has always been a “great place to work” and a values-based organisation: I fully intend to ensure it will remain so over the coming years.  For me, a “thriving culture” defines our past and will help shape our future.


Richard Colgan

Founder & CEO



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