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Attention Payroll Superheroes!

We have now come to the end of the 2017/18 financial year and it has been the Payroll divisions best on record since its inception in November 2013.

One of the significant highlights has been the team dynamics, and this year has given us a core group of consultants who now have longevity, understand the advantages that Oakleaf have over our competitors, though ultimately we want to be the best and become the go to Payroll recruitment specialists.

I was only speaking to a leading Payroll specialist recently who stated: “That we should never have made the impact we have in such a short space of time” - but why not? When I first started the division I was under the impression that the market was sewn up with a small number of agencies that had serviced the market for over 20 years, however it has become evident that that’s not the case. Where Payroll as a profession has moved on the recruiters servicing the market haven’t, hence our significant rise!

We have a strong reputation within Financial/Professional Services and want to dominate this market with John (Senior Perm), Linda (All levels interim and contract) and Jack (Junior to mid-level perm).

Grant Ward has now been with us for over 18 months and came on board to build out the C&I offering at all levels and simply hasn’t stopped. With this in mind we are now looking to make credible hires to work alongside Grant and already have consultants in the pipeline for our C&I offering, which is hugely exciting.

Payroll has been changing for a number of years and the candidates and clients that we meet reflect these changes. We want to be able to represent them both in finding a suitable vacancy or new hirer that embodies the new breed of payroll professional that are taking the profession to new and exciting heights.

Payroll is evolving!

2017/18 has been an incredible year and all of the hard work and determination has paid off, not only hitting targets but also exceeding them so role on 2018/19 which looks to be another great year!

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