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“Recruitment Engagement” – Is it important?

So we all know that employee engagement is important but have we thought about the impact of a poor recruitment experience in the current talent short market? The recruitment market has shifted and the demand for talent is at its highest for a decade, with employment records peaking at 74.9%, the highest since records began in 1971. So getting engagement right from the outset is important. Talented candidates are in short supply and the competition is fierce.

Have we thought about the impact of a poor recruitment experience on employee engagement before an individual actually joins your business? Employers need to consider how they are engaging their people throughout each stage of their career at the organisation, but this should start with the recruitment experience.

It sounds obvious but engagement should start before day one - by hiring the right person in the first place. Studies have shown when employees are well-suited to their position, there is a positive impact on employee engagement levels: 59% of engaged employees say that their job brings out their most creative ideas, while only 3% of disengaged employees say the same. A diligent selection process can help ensure that the right people are matched up with the right positions.

Selecting the right person for the job lays a solid foundation for employee engagement throughout their time at your company. It may sound simple, but we all know hiring can get complicated. By keeping job descriptions straightforward and realistic, whilst preparing the right questions to ask during the interview process, will ensure the applicant’s career goals and passions are in line with the position. This will ultimately determine if the candidate is a good fit for your company’s culture.

Manage the hiring experience - Set positive expectations for potential new hires by demonstrating efficiency, organisation and respect during the hiring process. A proven way to engage applicants from the beginning is to keep them informed of where they are in the process, making them feel important and cared for. Another way to keep applicants engaged is to keep the hiring process moving quickly. This can save you time and money, and also guarantee that you hire the best talent. With such high competition for talent, speed is of the essence - don’t lose great candidates to a lengthy hiring process. In addition, a streamlined process ensures the right talent gets to the right position at the right time, making hiring managers and other internal customers happy.

Ensuring adequate “pre-boarding” will drive engagement before a new hire’s first day at your company. This can be as simple as sending an email welcoming them to the company, their manager calling them or inviting them to lunch, or sharing an interesting article, book or piece of information about the company with them. Any one of these small touches can help your new hires feel more prepared and excited for their first day, which sets the stage for increased engagement throughout their career.

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