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Predict the Future – People/ HR Analytics made simple – Event Recap

Oakleaf Partnership recently teamed up with Paul Marsh; Director at 'Lightbulb: Life At Work. Made Simple.' to host an insightful event covering HR Analytics.


Paul is an expert on Organisational Development; he addressed the ‘scary’ subject of Analytics with humour and zest and made the relatively ‘dry’ subject very engaging. It is said that 85% of HR Professionals are not comfortable with providing data insights into what might happen in the future. He discussed that we focus too much on our day to day activities and a lot of our decisions are made on that ‘gut feel’, but to be successful we need to predict the future and boost HR’s credibility to make a lasting impact.




We were joined by a varied group of HR professionals with different experiences and approaches to analytics in their working environment.


Key points of discussion included:

  • Descriptive Analytics (what has happened), Predictive Analytics (What could happen) and Prescriptive Analytics (What should a business do?)
  • Key challenges: working from ‘activities’ – to ‘results’ - to ‘achievements’
  • Early warning indicators (trends/ connections).
  • Tips and a case study on how to analyse the data, what to focus on and simple tools to find results.


5 steps on how to predict the future:

1. Define the issue – what question would you like to solve;
2. Result – what can’t be guaranteed result that will tell you that you are making progress?
3. Collect data – what do you need to gain a result?
4. Analyse Data – identify trends using your chosen method
5. Activities – Identify and action the priorities that will address the trends.


In summary, Paul provided a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to HR Analytics and some simple tools we can use with the statistical data we all have at our fingertips as HR Professionals to predict the future.

For more information on this Paul Marsh event or future events that Oakleaf Partnership hold please contact Kiri Elliott on 0207 337 7693 or

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