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Is the Technology sector the answer for job hunters?

“Tech is now the UK sector posting the highest number of vacancies after healthcare.”

You can’t find a job? Maybe you’re looking in the wrong place!

During the pandemic, the job market had diminished and there was a sense that the bleak times were to continue towards the dark tunnel of despair. However, as we pass through these uncertain times is the Tech Industry providing that shining light of prosperity to job hunters?

According to a report by TechNation: “The tech sector has shown resilience through the pandemic and job opportunities in tech have already recovered significantly – between June and August the number of roles in digital tech grew by 36%. Tech is now the UK sector posting the highest number of vacancies after healthcare.”

The reason for the continued hiring from technology firms is due to the demand for remote working systems during the pandemic. As companies look to make their work more easily accessible, tech companies were already promoting a more adaptable working policy which has led them to survive the transition period of the pandemic better than other industries.

This is not the first time the Tech sector has capitalised on a calamitous event. As the Financial Times suggests: “ The last financial crisis catalysed an entrepreneurship wave in the UK – with the launch of TransferWise, Farfetch and Zoopla – and the ongoing commitment to VC investments throughout lockdown is set to catalyse a similar response following coronavirus.” Tech firms may provide you with more success when searching for your next job opportunity.

A shift in a more contingent workforce? Is a temp job the answer?

Although people are looking for a permanent position and are sometimes sceptical of exploring a temporary role, the market is suggesting that companies are switching to a more contingent workforce.

Research highlighted by HR News suggested that “The new reliance on agency workers is grounded in inability to effectively plan for the business long-term, due to constantly shifting market conditions as a result of the COVID-19 epidemic.”

This does not mean that there will not be permanent openings out there, however companies will indulge in the opportunity to bring employees in on a temporary basis before making them permanent. So now may be the time to dip your toe into the interim market!

What does it mean for HR and Recruitment?

The effect on the pandemic has led to more redundancies across many industries which evidently led to downsizing of companies’ people teams.

As tech companies now continue to move forward there has been a surge in technical recruiter roles on the market recently. There is an urgent need to fill high volume of roles and to get the best calibre of candidates quickly! Therefore, tech firms want to bring in strong recruiters who can support the increasing demand.

As the landscapes of businesses change, so will the role of the HR team.


There have been different reactions to the pandemic across the workforce and HR needs ease the anxieties caused for its employees. Wellbeing was a prominent topic last year and will remain so as we move forward now. HR will need to access the long-term effects of employees and provide reassurance. An influx of HR roles focused on Mental Health may be apparent soon.

Managing Virtually:

Managing a team remotely has its challenges. Managers will lean on HR teams to help them coordinate and create standard operating procedures to help employees work effectively and efficiently remotely, as well as helping managers to be communicative and supportive to their employees during this demanding time.

The past months have a been an unsettling time, however managers will look on the guidance of HR to keep employees productive and engaged. Roles which incorporate this need are likely to increase.

Final thoughts

The tech industry will certainly be more resilient compared to many sectors which in turn will provide opportunities for many occupations post pandemic.

If you are an HR or Recruitment professional, now may be the time to exploit the pandemic by moving into an industry which can adapt quicker.

If your question is how do I get in? An interim role could well be the answer.

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