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Gumtree Hidden Heroes Research Event

Oakleaf Partnership recently hosted an event to showcase some interesting research that Gumtree undertook. Gumtree spoke to over 3,500 working people earning below the UK average income across key sectors. Held in the film room at the Soho Hotel, London, representatives from the Hospitality, Retail, Business Services, Third Sector, Transport/Logistics and Engineering industries attended to hear and discuss the findings.

The research highlighted some key information on the challenges, aspirations and requirements from these job seekers, giving us the opportunity to discuss how Heads of Resourcing and Talent are able to overcome these ultimately allowing them to attract and retain top talent.

Amongst the findings were some distinctive traits that aligned to particular groupings named by Gumtree as; The flexi-parent, The Mature Moneymaker, The Education Funder, The Ambitious Millennial and The New Earner. All are driven by different desires and needs, once these are learnt the Recruitment and Talent industry will be able to more successfully align its attraction strategy.

We have been posting sections of the findings however if you are interested in reviewing the whole piece of research please reach out for your copy of the report.



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