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Fantastic feedback from our latest Payroll event

Oakleaf Partnership had the pleasure of welcoming Graham Jenkins to our offices to present on the topic of Payroll Implementation – the good, the bad and the ugly. Drawing on his wealth of consultancy experience, Graham’s key message was simple – before embarking on an implementation journey you need to know where you have been and what is happening i.e. gain context and complete due diligence before investing in the solution/outcome.

This event further identified the evolution of Payroll and the fact that the function only continues to grow in its importance within an organisational structure. Long gone are the days of the passive Payroller hidden in the back office. The new generation Payroller is a vested stakeholder, who is also the first line of defence with regard to legislative initiatives, whilst also ensuring everyone goes home with the correct pay.

The event clearly highlighted that Payroll has never been more important and its value to an organisation is essential, especially as it encompasses more reward, compensation and benefits under its remit.

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