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1 year on – exciting times for Payroll!

Wow what a first year, I knew it was going to be exciting, but it’s been edge of your seat stuff. When I joined Oakleaf Partnership just over a year, I came in not knowing much about the business, what the culture was like, it’s drivers and ambitions, or their core values. I had my own Payroll consultancy for 5 years prior, but wanted to get back into the office environment, so I had to take the massive decision to go back and work for someone else. Though that couldn’t have just been for any company - they had to share my own drivers, passion and values.

Having worked for another Payroll recruitment consultancy before and having my own business, it was important to take the things I had learned from both, and then find a company that can take me to the next level and beyond. Having joined Oakleaf Partnership that is exactly what has happened. Joining a business that is the leading independent HR consultancy in the UK has provided me with a completely different mind and skillset, whilst teaching me that recruitment isn’t just about filling jobs, it’s about so much more.

With Oakleaf’s core values being Courage, Innovation, Integrity, Passion and Diversity, we as a business live these values every single day. Having spoken to hundreds if not thousands of clients and candidates in the past, we have always taken feedback as a high priority and put a massive amount of importance on being diverse and keeping up to date with all the changes happening. Working closely with our Specialist Markets teams here at Oakleaf (Reward, HR and Human Capital Services), we can provide a completely unique service and a new breed of candidate.

Things have changed massively in my 9 years working within the specialist Payroll market - there is so much more involved now with compensations, benefits, pensions and Reward, allowing Payroll professionals to gain new skillsets and take their careers to new heights. We are seeing Payroll professionals now becoming leading figures and finally getting the recognition they deserve.

I have been brought in to Oakleaf to build out our presence within Commerce and Industry, working with clients providing permanent solutions at all levels. The markets I cover are Technology, Retail, Media, FMCG, Retail & Hospitality, Telco, Engineering and Construction. With my colleague John O’Brien heading up all our permanent roles across Financial & Professional Services and Linda Giacomantonio leading on all our Interim/Contract roles, you will be supported by market leading consultants who will take time to listen and understand your requirements before delivering on our promise.

These are exciting times in Payroll and things will only keep getting better. Here at Oakleaf Partnership we will continue to strive for excellence and want to become the “go to” Payroll Recruitment Specialist.

If you are a client looking to bolster your current Payroll Offering or a candidate looking for their next career move, feel free to call us 0207 337 7655 for a confidential chat.

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