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Member Spotlight – Leighton Grant

About me:

By day I spend my time heading up technical operations for the Oakleaf Partnership group who have had the pleasure of my service for the last 11 years.

I am not all work though, in my other life, I am a happy husband and father of two with a keen passion for sports, everything from MMA to F1 (I would say ultra and obstacle course runs but those days are long past and an even longer story!!!). I Love food and drink but ultimately good company trumps all.

If I've missed anything out, I am happy to divulge over a coffee. I'm rarely unapproachable, (but biscuits help).




Nationality: Black British (St Lucian & Jamaican Heritage)

Black history means a lot to me, as someone born of mixed Caribbean heritage and as a father; being able to understand the rich tapestry of my culture and the history's influence on the here and now serves as a celebration and reminder of what came before. Standard history taught to me in school never really spoke to the breadth of the black experience; and I can see why some still question their sense of belonging; black history month provides an opportunity to shine a light on this and spark some interesting conversations and provoking thought pieces It is great to black culture represented in all of it's varieties; it's that old adage of "if you see it you can be it"

For me, for my children and the wider world at large, "black history" is also white history and it's important to understand that it is our shared history that has brought us to this point. Though your history may not define you, I believe it definitely shapes you.

What makes you proud to be black?

There is no one thing that makes me proud to be black. I take pride in my history and culture as it is part of what makes me who I am.

This article was created by WeWork to celebrate Black History Month.

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