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Workday is the new buzzword in Payroll – but can it fix all problems?

Senior Consultant Linda Giacomantonio hosted a highly successful round table event this week on behalf of our Financial and Professional Services Payroll team at Oakleaf. A group of Payroll professionals gathered to discuss the trials, tribulations and successes of moving their Payroll onto Workday, a financial management and human capital management software.

Some of the central learning points and questions from the event included:

  • Can a US based system handle UK Payroll?
  • Payroll needs to be involved in all aspects of the due diligence piece when selecting possible vendors. The case remains that there isn't one system that covers all areas, but Payroll should be a priority to any business
  • The system implemented is only as good as the consultant who manages it from an account perspective, so up to date and regular training is key to Workday's success in any organisation.

If you would like to find out more about our future Payroll events, please email or click here to view our latest Payroll opportunities.

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