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Women work for free almost two hours a day, finds XpertHR/CMI data

Women work for free for one hour and forty minutes a day, according to new gender pay gap data from the Chartered Management Institute and XpertHR.

The annual salary survey found that women working in full-time roles earn 22% less than men, meaning they work 100 minutes per day, or the equivalent of 57 working days every year, for free.

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Across all professional roles, the gender pay gap stands at £8,524 – men earn, on average, £39,136 per year, while women earn £30,612. This is slightly smaller than in 2014, when the gender pay gap was 23%, or just over £9,000.

At director level, the pay gap rises, however. Male directors earn an average of £138,699 compared with the female average of £123,756.


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