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Unconscious Bias – How has the workplace evolved?

The Oakleaf Regional team partnered with Jim Whelen from ORO People Solutions to host an insightful event covering 'Unconscious Bias' on Thursday 19th July.

Jim is an expert on Unconscious Bias and provides workshop programmes built on the premise that ‘diverse groups of people working together achieve better results.’ The trouble is that these are subconscious attitudes that we hold about race, gender, appearance and age that are triggered without our control.

We were joined by a varied group of HR professionals with different experiences and approaches to tackling Unconscious Bias in their working environment.

Key points of discussion included:

  • Addressing what cognitive bias is and how to approach dealing with it
  • Key challenges that affect our biases and how we react to them
  • Intuitive response vs analytical response: How is this effected and what does it mean?
  • Tips on how to address unconscious from the start through resourcing and recruitment
  • The use of technology and how it helps to improve our approach and reduce the effects of unconscious bias when used effectively

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