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Technology and the Future of HR – Event Recap

Oakleaf Partnership hosted their second instalment of the Oakleaf Academy last Thursday, this session focussed on Technology and the Future of HR. As the pace of change has never been more rapid, we discussed how key trends and development changes will impact HR careers and
HR roles in the future.

Our guest speaker Stephen Dixon-Mould – HR Operational Improvement Director at Wincanton lead a discussion on the use of technology currently in HR and how this may look in the future. Stephen recently joined Wincanton after spending the last 3 year as Group HR Operations Director at Oxford University Press where he was a member of the Senior Global HR Leadership Team with accountability across 58 operational countries, working in collaboration with Group Function and Commercial Divisional Resources driving continual operational improvement

Technology has digitalized much of the information HR is required to process, some key points discussed included:

• The importance of synergy within organisations between systems, ideally HR / finance / IT systems should all be compatible
• Sometimes less is more, similar HR technological systems are often more effective and easier to use
• When transitioning systems, you must have a ‘clean’ database
• Mobile technology, we discussed the pros and cons of a more interactive employee system for example online payslips.
• Used effectively technology should make HR practices more efficient

The OP Academy is focused on Emerging HR Talent in the Midlands region, with the programme aimed at ambitious high potential HR professionals in the first few years of their HR career. There are 4 session each with a separate theme, with last week’s event focused on Technology and the Future of HR. Other themes that will be covered over the next 12 months include Personal Management and Personal Impact.

For more information regarding the Oakleaf Academy, feel free to get in touch with Sarah Westwood to discuss.

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