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The rise of smart work spaces

We are delighted with the success we have achieved so far in the part time space and we have big ambitions for the growth of our unique offering. This unique position in the HR recruitment market and our own equally unique profiles (HR Generalist ying + Recruitment specialist yang) enables us to see trends, patterns and themes about how things are moving forward in this exciting space.  It’s like this….we all know that work dynamics are evolving. HR professionals are increasingly working where and when they are most productive, cost-effective, and environmentally respectful.  More and more UK businesses are introducing flexible working policies and 'smart agile' work spaces, hubs or at home.

Trends have shown employees are more self-motivated when they have the freedom to work any-time, anywhere. Managers need to exercise a larger degree of trust and this growing trend of working outside of the office presents new opportunities. Flexible workers need good kit, reliable remote working platforms and effective/seamless call and networking capabilities. Flexible workers need to utilise the power of their voice in the absence of face-to-face interaction and body language. Teams need to think about how they can be together: apart. Flexible working is liberating I can say that as someone who has themselves worked flexibly for a decade. Workers can be more productive, creative and balance their workloads with family and other life priorities, meanwhile, their employers can concentrate on what matters: RESULTS.

In short we all need to get “smart” – smart kit, smart places, smart companies to enable employees to maximise their potential. This will enable organisations to reap the benefits of increased productivity, improved staff retention and reduced attrition. Workers experience improved motivation, job variety and achieve a better work/life balance. The right tools for the right people for the right job: everybody wins.

The trajectory for our team at Oakleaf Partnership is eye-wateringly positive, we remain the only dedicated place for part time HR professionals to get the support they need to find their next role working flexibly, others are trying but we are light years ahead of the pack!

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