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Senior Interim round table event – Be like a Chameleon!

This week we hosted a breakfast event focusing on a successful career as an Interim HR professional and were delighted to be joined by a group of fantastic Senior HR professionals to share their experiences and insights with each other. Held at House of St Barnabas, a not for profit private members club supporting London Homelessness. We were fortunate to have Lindsay Murdoch chairing the event. The focus of the roundtable was discussing how to successfully build your personal brand and grow your network as a senior interim along with looking at how the mindset of an interim is different to a permanent employee. Here is some of what was discussed:

Personal brand

  • In order to build your personal brand you need to know what your USPs are – even being a successful career interim is a USP in itself
  • Personal brand is unique to everyone and comes down to the way you dress and language you use
  • Your personal brand will grow, develop and sometimes change as you progress through your career as an interim
  • Your brand may change/adapt slightly to meet the needs of the environment/client but fundamentally will stay the same. – Firm in your principles but flexible in your method!

Building and maintaining your network

  • LinkedIn can be a great tool to use including self-promotion through sharing your achievements, gathering testimonials and keeping your network all in one reachable place.
  • Once you have built your LinkedIn profile and network connections it is also important to keep in touch with people and send regular updates to them although noting beats face time!
  • In order to build network its useful to attend conferences, events, seminars and anywhere where you can meet need valuable connections
  • Knowing your key 5-10 people who really understand your personal brand and you can invest the most in maintain these relationships – including trusted relationships with recruitment consultants.
  • Building your network is only useful if you also spend time maintain it including sharing information and knowledge, regular updates and regular face time. Teamwork!

Mindset of an interview vs permanent

  • As an interim is it all about leaving a legacy and being confident walking away, when the time is right.
  • You should be able to help the client to help themselves
  • It is important to try and not getting involved in politics, if you start getting involved too much in politics then that would be a good indication it is time to walk away.
  • You should always be able to deliver what you say you can, your reputation and personal brand is important. You need to know when to walk away from something you are not able to deliver successfully.

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