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Raising the Bar…and Funds!

As the evenings become darker and we all start talking about turning on the heating there is no mistaking that we are in the run up to the Christmas period. Personally, I love Christmas. What’s not to love? Friends, family, drinks, lovely food and (for me) a week of down time. However, I can’t stop thinking about how this year it will be different. Not only from a personal perspective but for our clients, particularly those that rely on fundraising.

Rebecca Cooney in has written a particularly thought provoking article quoting the Charities Aid Foundation UK Giving 2019 report. ‘November and December are the peak months for giving money. This has become a yearly pattern, largely due to established fundraising campaigns over these months – these are also the main months for donating with cash,” the report said.

It goes without saying that this will not be business as usual this year. Campaign teams are going to have to act innovatively to ensure that funding is secured. It is often said that this time of year is when people should come together. I ask the question if this is even more prevalent this year? Fundraising consultant Leesa Harwood says “This could be a vital opportunity to get together and create real change – if charities can come together and collaborate quickly”.

Being in the HR industry currently we are almost overwhelmed with articles, blogs and updates citing the importance of collaboration, engagement, and communication. Not only will HR play a key role with this ‘coming together’ but will need to be at the forefront of change. This is not just about structural change. This is about asking your workforce to push the boundaries of the ‘norm’, challenging what has been done before and not being afraid to throw up crazy ideas. On top of this you need to have a management team that will allow this to happen.

Now, these challenges are certainly not specific to the charitable sector. Many clients across Oakleaf are having the same conversations. I do feel, however, that there is a real spotlight at this time of year on charities and thought it would create a great discussion to understand what everyone is doing. Shall we take the opportunity to get together and collaborate?

Let’s hear your ideas, solutions and successes…..

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