Podcast: EP7: Uma Cresswell, Non-Executive Director and International HR Leader.

‘We’re wired for story … we do this because we feel the most alive when we’re connecting with others and being brave with our stories – it’s in our biology.’ Brené Brown.
This week Amy Morris – UK Managing Director, has the pleasure of speaking to and sharing Uma Creswell’s story. As above, Uma believes in the power of sharing people’s experiences, allowing you to build strong and long-lasting relationships.
Uma is of Indian heritage, born in Uganda and found herself navigating her career in the then male dominated environment of financial services. Within this podcast, we hear of the sacrifices and compromises Uma has made in order to have a career and the honesty of some of her regrets within it.
I have many take aways from our conversation but to share a few: don’t underestimate the power of being kind, building allies, the importance of lateral moves and most importantly, don’t forget to ask! Please listen in to hear more about Uma’s inspiring journey to date.

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