Podcast: EP6: Nicky Acuna Ocana – Managing Director UK, Europe, USA at Ambition

Today, Amy Morris, UK Managing Director, speaks to Nicky Acuna Ocana who is the UK, Europe and USA Managing Director of Ambition. Having recently been recognised as one of the Staffing Industry Analysts’ (SIA) most influential women in recruitment for 2022 it was a joy to be able to hear and share her story.

Starting life in Blackpool as a daughter of business owners Nicky always knew she wanted to be a ‘Leader’. The chat takes us through her first few weeks/months in London working in the iconic Harrods store, to her making the move into recruitment, navigating all of life’s ‘bumps’ in the road of which in her words ‘there has been some big ones’!

It’s inspiring to hear not only of Nicky’s resilience, but her passion and desire to continue to share her story to make it easier for others – in her words ‘giving people space to be themselves’.  To hear more about Nicky’s story please have a listen….


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