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Oakleaf Partnership Academy – The Relaunch 2022!

Thursday 20th January saw the relaunch of the OP Academy via Zoom and what a kickstart to the New Year it was!

Oakleaf Academy prides itself on supporting and nurturing our HR network as they progress and set out into their careers.

Kav Patel, Chief People Officer of Yondr kindly joined us to talk about reinventing HR and ‘how we can be creative and innovative in an HR environment’. In the current climate and ever-changing ways that we are working, this sparked some serious interest amongst out HR community and certainly gave us some food for thought!

Firstly, Kav engaged us with some insight into his career background to date. Secondly, he shared his observations on both the HR profession as he has progressed and finally the approach that he takes in his role as Chief People Officer. As someone who prides themselves on bringing innovation and even disruption to a function which he feels is long overdue, he certainly changed some of our ways of thinking and challenged how we approach HR day to day.

He is clearly someone who prides themselves on bringing innovation and even disruption to the HR function and he feels strongly that this long overdue. He certainly changed some of our ways of thinking and challenged us on how we should approach HR on day to day basis.

Some of the general themes and quotes from the session were:

“No one deserves a seat at the table – you need to earn it!”

“Bad culture will affect your strategy”

“Being creative is looking at yourself and asking, what should I be focusing on?”

Unsurprisingly we have had some phenomenal feedback highlighting just how good the meeting was:

“He was an awesome speaker and not your usual HR professional which would have been useful to the audience. I particularly liked his bit about no-one deserving a seat at the table and you have to build the trust with the business first, so you earn one”

“He was super insightful!”

“Great presentation and so insightful. Thank you for organising!”

“Kav was very personable, and it was nice to see a CPO who didn't come across as suuuuper senior, though I know that he has a lot of responsibility. He shared his insights as though he were amongst a group of peers and that made his points very relatable and easy to understand and it was interesting to hear his perspective on the topic.” 

“It was great to listen to someone who backs up the way that I think and how I want to progress as a HR professional in my career.”

We are super excited to be back organising these events for our rising HR talent! As always, we are keen to hear your thoughts and ideas for future events!

Our next event will be this summer, when we hope to see you in person. This will encompass networking, charity raffles, drinks and nibbles as well as a presentation and talk from inspiring HR leaders within our network.

Stay tuned for further info and please contact Robyn Wells to register your interest with us so we can keep you updated!

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