Oakleaf expands across the pond

Following on from Oakleaf Partnership Limited’s recent announcements I am delighted to now be taking Oakleaf across the “pond”. Following the huge success of Jamie Newton’s Oakleaf Total Rewards Search business we have already had a huge amount of interest in Oakleaf’s broader HR offering from our existing client base in the US and over the last few months we have shared some fantastic meetings with US customers to understand, from both a candidate and client point of view, how we can provide a stellar service to the US HR community. What has become very clear is that there is a market widely available for a boutique HR recruitment business to provide a full spectrum service supporting HR professionals on their career journey embracing developing talent as well as Heads of, HRD’s, CPO’s and CHRO’s. With over 20 years of HR recruitment experience personally and Oakleaf’s 17 years of delivery in the HR profession we are expertly placed to bring a new level of passion and disruption to the US HR recruitment market.

Our initial focus will be on the New York / Tri-state area with over 70% of our existing client base having an HR presence there. This market is clearly incredibly buoyant and very competitive for top talent. At the more junior end of the market the demand of talent acquisition specialists is off the charts. Everyone is looking for great talent across recruiting with tech recruiters in greatest demand. At the more senior end of the market 43% of all HR hiring is for generalists from HRBP through to HRD/CPO and CHRO level. Heads of and Managers of TA make up 12% as the next largest cohort (10% of which is recruitment operations and only 5% is campus focused). Reward, L&D / Talent development and HR operations then make up 5% of hiring in each specialism. ER/Labor Relations, DE&I, HRIS, Payroll and broader Talent Management complete the figures. This highlights that there is much less demand for these skill sets currently inferring it is a great time to hire in the space.

As a founding member of Oakleaf I have supported every element of our growth and development over the last 16 years and the opportunity to develop our brand in the US is a truly amazing opportunity. We have a ready made team to support our US customers with some excellent experience so we look forward to introducing heidi maddenAristide Jacob (AJ) Covi and Isabelle Twomey to you over the coming days.

If you are in HR in the US and you are keen to join our network as a candidate, client or simply an aspiring HR professional keen to expand their thinking then we would welcome hearing from you

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