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Oakleaf celebrates Pride Month

This year I am once again Proud to be wishing everyone a Happy Pride month.  The last 12 months has shown us the importance of humanity and the importance of being kind.  It has taught us that whilst we are all different and this should be celebrated, we are in fact all the same.  More than anything it has taught us that we need to be there for one another, no matter your ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion or lived experience.

At Oakleaf we acknowledge the struggle that minority groups have been through and still continue to go through for acceptance and inclusion.  We are committed to doing the learning, we are committed to listen to those around us and reflecting on what we can do better, and we are committed to demonstrating this in actions not just words.  Over the next month we have a timetable of events that will support these commitments whilst celebrating what I am sure will be a fantastic Pride month.  It goes without saying that I, along with the rest of Oakleaf, wish all of you “Happy Pride!

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