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Looking to move your HR career into the commerce field?

With such a variety of different industries, cultures, and size of organisations; a move into an industry of interest can sometimes seem quite daunting. As HR recruiters in this space, we want to ensure that we are opening as many doors as possible into the commerce world.

Commerce and industry can compliment a passion outside of the working world, which can substitute at times for perhaps a smaller financial incentive in comparison to the financial/professional services industry. Commerce also offer a variety of incentives that fall outside of the financial bonus; with companies being more open to flexible working, wellbeing initiatives, and networking groups but to name a few.

The Opportunity

The opportunities that are available within the C&I world are second to none; from small start-up technology business which require a standalone talent to build a function from scratch, to a global FMCG business which provides brilliant structure and career development. Therefore personality, work ethic, and motivations are so integral to ensuring you are in the right business within the sector, it is not just a skillset tick list. Talent within the commerce space don’t just work within their job description; this allows a great sense of value add and achievement within a role.

A barrier that we are constantly trying to breakdown is the need for same industry experience; it is true that certain experience will compliment specific businesses – however, wouldn’t it be great for someone to bring experience and solutions from a different industry to add value in a different way? We are seeing clients be more open minded, allowing more cross over in sectors, which is only proving to be a success.

No matter the industry, business or client group; the foundations of the HR person are the same – understanding the people vs. business need and the ability to stay impartial. Therefore, if you have an interest, a passion, or simply just want to try something new within HR in commerce, please do get in touch with one of our consultants.

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