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Keep it simple.

Somehow, I’ve (been) volunteered to write a blog. It should be a really easy process, after all, we are surrounded by HR speak all-day every day; but for me this sets off a whir of overthinking, trying to come up with a ground-breaking theory, insightful market knowledge, something you’ve never heard before. How can I stop an HR Director in their tracks over their morning Frosties with an ‘a-ha!’ moment….

Stop thinking Amy, and keep it simple.

There are certain themes that recur for a recruiter; simple ideas which everyone knows, everyone has heard before…but everyone forgets at some point or other.

So here’s a reminder to keep things simple when it comes to recruiting for, applying for and interviewing for that next HR role (at any level).

The hyper-formatted CV

Don’t get me wrong, I love a well laid out CV but don’t go overboard on formatting. Make sure you’ve included your key achievements in each role and refer to the relevant skills for the role you’ve applied to. This will attract recruiters far more than images and graphs.

Taking some words out (of everything)

People tend to use more words than they have to. Keep your CV to the point, and keep this theme going throughout the interview process. It may be an old one, but STAR is still our trusty friend particularly if you’re prone to rambling…

More stages don’t always mean a better hire

It can be tempting to add numerous stages to a hiring process in the search for ‘the one’. Remember though that the HR market is still short, and your shortlist may become shorter if your process is too long; they may have other offers, or just get bored.

Make it easy

Be as flexible as possible when offering interview times but once you’ve set it, stick to it.

Candidates for junior roles can’t always leave the office at short notice, so be prepared to see people after working hours if needed.

Prioritise this hire. It's easy for it to slip down your long list of to-do’s, but nothing screams ‘we want you’ less than cancelling a candidates interview whilst they’re sat in your carpark (it happens).

Make it quick

People have invested their time to interview, let them know how it’s gone!

If you’re working with a recruiter as a candidate, let them know your thoughts straight away so they can speak to the client with insight. If you’ve just interviewed the *absolute dream* you probably have 48 hours before they start to doubt you’re right for them. If they’re not your ideal, tell them too and make it constructive.


For more tips on keeping it simple or to discuss your recruitment requirements, please feel free to email me on or call 0121 270 4639.

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