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HR Law Update seminar wrap up

Oakleaf Partnership in Birmingham hosted a HR Law Update seminar in collaboration with Eversheds Sutherland. It was an information-packed morning, we talked about significant new case law across a range of topics including Disability Discrimination, Covert Recordings and Restrictive Covenants. We also discussed Ethnicity Pay Reporting and whilst May’s government was keen to introduce legislation, the current political uncertainties are likely to cause a delay. Large employers will, however, continue to face pressures to report voluntarily - “I believe it is essential that all large employers must publish their workforce ethnicity data annually” (Race in the workplace, The McGregor-Smith Review, Feb 2017)

We then went on to talk about the ongoing impact of #Metoo in the workplace:

  • 52% of women have experienced some form of sexual harassment at work
  • 35% of women have heard comments of a sexual nature being made about other women in the workplace
  • 32% of women have been subject to unwelcome jokes of a sexual nature at work
  • 28% of women have been subject to comments of a sexual nature about their body or clothes at work
  • 23% of women have experienced unwanted touching at work e.g. hand on knee or lower back
  • 20% of women have experienced unwanted verbal sexual advances at work
  • 12% of women have experienced unwanted sexual touching or attempts to kiss them at work.

(source: “Still just a bit of banter? Sexual harassment in the workplace in 2016”, TUC in association with Everyday Sexism Project)

The Oakleaf Partnership are pure HR resourcing specialists with offices in Birmingham and London. We work in partnership with leading employers and organisations across the UK. If you would like to join us at future knowledge-sharing events, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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