The Oakleaf Group of companies has arrived!

The Oakleaf Group of companies has arrived!

The Group comprises Oakleaf Partnership Limited (our core HR, Reward and Payroll business), Oakleaf Executive (the sister HR search business), Oakleaf Partnership (US), Oakleaf Total Rewards Search (TRS – US based) and Oakleaf Technology, Change & Transformation (TCT); all five are highly synergetic and complementary service offerings.

I’m thrilled we have pulled them together under the Oakleaf Group holding company.

Whilst we all have one eye on the economic and geopolitical headwinds, demand is currently holding up well and we continue to grow our offerings across the UK and the pond. If you’d like further information on any of our business areas, please contact me or the business leaders.

Words by Richard Colgan – Founder and Group CEO


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