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Gender Pay Gap Round Table

Oakleaf Partnerships Reward & Analytic Club (RAC), hosted a fantastic breakfast roundtable at the Hawksmoor this morning. Led by both Cath Turner, former Barclays Group HR Director and NED on several well-known boards, and Jamie Newton Partner of the Reward & Analytics team. The event focused on themes within Oakleaf’s HR Gender Pay Rise Gap report published in January 2019 and topics ranged from addressing senior female representation to moving away from hiring on percentage uplift and hiring purely on merit. It was a packed out room well attended by HR & Reward Director’s from industry leading firms.

Thanks to all who attended for their valuable contributions and for further information on Oakleaf events do feel free to contact us.



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Grapevine HR reports today on a Credit Suisse study which contends that firms with at least one woman on their board outperform rivals with no women at the top table.


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