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“If you don’t tame fear, fear will tame you”

On Thursday 25th April, Oakleaf partnered for the second time with Nick Bloy, Founder of Wellbeing Republic. We brought together a number of HR professionals, over breakfast, to talk about embracing and managing fear, not only in the workplace but in our personal lives.

It was an impactful discussion which allowed us to delve deeper into not only the way fear makes us feel but the physical and mental effects it can have on us. Through case studies and personal experience, Nick explained how we make different decisions and adopt different behaviours depending on our mental state. Something that I am sure we are all aware of after those behaviours or decisions have been made, but how often do we control that when we are in the moment?

Nick spoke about mindset; and how by training ourselves to look more positively, we will only receive positive results. “Mental state is determined by where we focus our attention + the meaning that we ascribe to it”. Yes, fear is necessary, but it should not rule our lives and especially our career.
It was, yet again, another inspiring and informative event presented by Nick, just days before he sets off on his own personal challenge of completing 18 marathons in 8 days. It is definitely clear that he has put his research to practise!

We wish Nick the best of luck on his adventure and hope to partner with him again in a 3rd event soon!
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