ep:11 Meena Anand – “It can’t be a coincidence”

On Women’s International Day Amy Morris, UK Managing Director spoke to Meena Anand, CEO and Founder of The Careers Company. After a successful global career in the Financial Services sector, Meena made the conscious decision to move out of the corporate world and set up her own business, The Career Company. Meena shares where her journey started and the three areas of challenge that she has experienced: Identity, Education and Social Mobility. We hear how her confidence originates from connecting with others and making the most of opportunities that are presented – ‘Planned Happenstance’.

It’s refreshing to hear of her phenomenal bosses who supported her through her fertility journey and gave her a platform to flourish. It can’t be a coincidence that Meena now focuses on challenging Directors to ensure that career conversations always happen through her organisation The Career Company. To hear more about Meena’s journey please listen in.

The Careers Company



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