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Men receive bonuses more than twice as large as those of their female counterparts, meaning they each earn nearly £150,000 more over their working lives. 


The pension deficit at the UK's largest companies has grown slightly, according to a report by pensions expert LCP.


When we detailed our priorities for the year ahead in January, a key focus was the proposed consultation on reform of employment law in Northern Ireland. Unlike our Scottish and Welsh counterparts, Northern Ireland is the only devolved nation with responsibility for employment law devolved to it from Westminster.

UK organisations could enjoy cost reductions and productivity gains running up to £8.1bn, or 0.5% of GDP, by optimising their approach to flexible working, according to a report published today by the think tank RSA and Vodafone UK. 


For HR professionals looking to further their career, working in a family business might seem a daunting prospect. But as Nick Martindale discovers, it can present the opportunity to gain a broader range of experiences than a corporate career might offer.


A new survey of more than 1,300 HR leaders from across the globe has revealed that more than half strongly agree that their role has required them to manage increasing levels of complexity in recent years.


Handbag entrepreneur Anya Hindmarch has criticised maternity laws saying they could force firms to employ men rather than women.


More than half of HR professionals think frequently moving from one employer to another is the best way to progress in their careers.

Employment will continue to grow in the second quarter of 2013, but applicants are set to face stiff competition in the jobs market, with 45 applicants chasing each low-skilled job. 


Not that long ago, meditation was seen widely as the preserve of hippies and saffron-clad monks, unsuited for the business world. Nowadays, a growing number of businesses are recognising what mindfulness has to offer, including Transport for London (TfL), Google, GlaxoSmithKline, the Home Office, the Cabinet Office, KPMG, and PricewaterhouseCoopers.


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