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HR Professionals failing to communicate full scope of benefits to staff. 

Posted by: Kate Benson

Employers in line for £2,275 wage subsidy to hire long-term jobless

Posted by: Marie Robery-Bliss

The December release of the REC's jobs outlook figures shows that 81% of employers plan to either grow their agency workforce or keep it at existing levels. Of those businesses, 31% planned to increase the size of their temporary workforce in the short term, compared with 22% at the same point last year.

Posted by: Marie Robery-Bliss

The biggest recruitment barrier that
employers faced during the last 12 months was the poor quality of candidates, a
new survey reveals.

Posted by: Marie Robery-Bliss

April 1st 2012 marks six months since the controversial Agency Workers Regulations (AWR) came into force. Although the new rules have created significant bureaucracy and cost for the UK's £25 billion recruitment industry, the demand for temporary and contract staff has remained strong and looks set to grow over the coming year.

Posted by: Marie Robery-Bliss

Ahead of the latest official unemployment figures published today, the REC's latest Jobs Outlook has again shown the importance employers are placing on the use of agency workers in both their short and long term planning.

Posted by: Marie Robery-Bliss

The "Holy Grail" of employer branding is the ability for leaders to transform the company's culture to align with the identity, image and perception that they want stakeholders to have about their organisation as an employer of choice.

Posted by: Sarah Alexander

The Government has outlined the proposed fees for employment tribunals, as it launched a consultation on their introduction.

Posted by: Sarah Alexander

CIPD’s latest Labour Market Outlook indicates a reduction in redundancy levels

Posted by: Gareth Evans

Personnel today have stated that: Launched at the CIPD’s annual learning and development (L&D) conference, the research has found that ‘traditional’ methods of training still dominate L&D programmes, despite the general perception that they are the least effective way of aiding development.

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