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The research highlighted some key information on the challenges, aspirations and requirements from job seekers

Posted by: Amy Morris

“have Fridays off, and we won’t call you unless it’s an emergency!”

Posted by: Jamie Newton

It’s always about the people and culture, not the benefits – the joy from duvet days or late starts only really last for a certain amount of time

Posted by: Emily Smoothy

In the wake of the latest HMRC consultation, we discussed the implications of the legislation and how this will affect businesses.

Posted by: Kate Benson
Amy Morris Profile Image

Multinational corporates have been particularly active and we have an increase in the level of salaries and roles on offer

Posted by: Amy Morris

Specialist skills are increasing in demand as we have seen a 57% increase in reward roles, 36% increase in In-House recruitment roles and 25% increase in the number of Learning & Development roles.

Posted by: Sarah Westwood

The Big Four firms continue to restructure their HR functions, ensuring demand for commercially focused HR Business Partners and specialists in recruitment, talent and learning.

Posted by: Gareth Evans

Internal annual salary reviews are typically 2-3% excluding promotions where individuals typically incur a £5,000-£15,000 increase depending upon individual skills, experience & role scope.

Posted by: Charlotte Matthew
Richard Colgan

Coping with change is critical and something that is pretty much at the forefront of all business agendas today

Posted by: Richard Colgan

Training is now taking a more wholistic approach, using internal and external trainers.

Posted by: Martha Rutherford

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