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Oakleaf has an exceptional record with executive hires. Over the last ten years, we have placed numerous director-level jobs with compensation ranging between £100k to £500k across a wide variety of sectors.

With us, you don’t just gain access to our extensive networks and market-leading database. You also gain a team with 80 years’ combined experience in executive search. Led by our founding partner, they bring their energy to every assignment, tackling each search with expertise and discretion.

Our approach is both ethical and guided by the best market intelligence. Just as important, it delivers results.

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We are proud to announce that we have been featured in Recruitment International's 2017 Top UK Recruiters Report!

During May and June, all children (aged under 12) of Oakleaf employees were invited...

Gave a truly inspirational talk at the Changeboard Conference yesterday. Martine lost both legs (and very nearly her life) in the 7/7 terrorist atrocities. She is now captain of the Paralympic ladies volley ball team

The advent of social media has had a dramatic impact on the world of recruitment, affecting how agencies and employers go about finding potential candidates, and how jobseekers market themselves to employers.

Suzy will replace Carolyn Gray who announced her retirement earlier this year. Suzy has a diverse background, joining The Guardian from Lloyds of London and previously working with Barclays, MSN and ICI. 

Raising the bar is no longer about improving delivery and raising the profile of HR – it’s about transforming the very role and nature of HR itself.

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Executive HR jobs testimonials

We have used Oakleaf for a number of roles and they have delivered excellent candidates. Their knowledge of the HR market is thorough and they seem to build a great rapport with candidates.

Jim Richardson - Santander UK

Executive HR jobs testimonials

Having worked with Oakleaf over a number of years, both as a client and a candidate, I can say that their advice and knowledge of the HR profession and the marketplace has given us confidence in the solutions, support and ultimately the candidates they offer.

Candidate experience has been exemplary with careful matching of candidate to organisation and support offered once in post.

From a company perspective, insightful questioning and probing alongside their extensive market database enables successful and confident hiring.

Charlotte Sword - Partner, Global Head of Human Resources

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