Zayd Fahimuddin

Associate Consultant

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After graduating in International Politics at City, University of London in the Summer of 2021, my status of a student was officially over. I was lucky enough to be offered the role as an Associate Consultant at Oakleaf Partnership and am extremely excited to begin in the world of recruitment. Human Resources as a sector really intrigued me as compared to other areas in business, technology can never truly replace HR as it requires a human touch. I was also astonished to find out how large the industry is with various components to it such as reward and payroll, among others.

I have always been interested in meeting and making connections with many different types of people. I took part in an exchange program during my time at university where I spent a year in Istanbul at Koc University. It was an incredible experience in which I met other students all around the globe and I firmly believe my interpersonal skills improved tremendously during my time in Turkey.

My main hobbies include a strong passion for football (both playing and watching), keeping fit at the gym regularly, reading, learning/writing about politics and socialising with my friends and family whenever I can.

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