Tommy Graves

Associate Consultant

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I’m delighted to have been hired as an Associate Consultant on Oakleaf’s Future Talent Scheme. Until speaking with Oakleaf I was hesitant about the industry as I had heard it was highly competitive and sometimes unfriendly. However, Oakleaf have shown me how they are very different from my original perception, expressing values which align with my own and impressing me with how they work so supportively with each other and promote individuality, thus putting my doubts to rest. This excites me for my future with Oakleaf.

Music and performance have both been passions of mine for as long as I can remember, attending Musical Theatre school every weekend between the ages of 8 and 16, where I learned to dance, sing and act. Unfortunately, I didn’t get scouted by a Hollywood agent, hence me writing this, however I did gain confidence in expressing myself and presenting.

With my love of performance, I studied ‘Performance for Stage and Screen’ at Undergraduate level at Sheffield Hallam achieving a first-class honours degree. Following this I studied Events Management, at Masters level.  By nature, I’m a bit of an extravert, and an organiser, which has led me to organise: music events in Sheffield; rugby tournaments and tours as well as smaller music events at home, in the Lake District.

Rugby is a sport that I have played from a young age, taking a huge amount of enjoyment both on and off the pitch. Music is another love of mine and I enjoy attending music festivals and performing as a musician and DJ.

Since the age of 16 I have worked part time alongside my studies, primarily in the hospitality and events industries, where I learned the fundamentals of customer care, good communication and building relationships.

Taking this all into account I decided that recruitment was a great fit for me.

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