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Martha Rutherford

After graduating from Reading with an Economics degree, I worked my way around the US before returning to the UK to begin my corporate career. Being people focussed, professional recruitment was an obvious choice. After a taster with a respected regional recruiter, I joined Michael Page in Leeds in 2001.

During my seven years with them, I was both a high biller and leader of high performing teams in both Leeds and London. I left the business to start a family in 2008.

Over the last seven years, I have successfully combined being a mum to my two children with a portfolio career, spanning consulting, recruitment and wellness training. I have enjoyed the variety immensely and find that the diverse strands of expertise can be blended and interchanged to the benefit of individuals and teams.

I am really excited to be working with the Oakleaf team, the business feels like a great home for me. Oakleaf is a group of talented individuals coming together to make special things happen.

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Training is now taking a more wholistic approach, using internal and external trainers.

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