Heidi Madden

Principal - US

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Heidi was in NYC in 2001 experiencing the shock of 9/11 first-hand. She was 7 months pregnant when her husband escaped from the 40th floor of the first twin tower. Shortly after the birth of their first child she took a career break from recruitment focusing on raising their 3 children as well as following her other passion, property, setting up a successful property development business in Surrey.

She has now brought her recruitment and commercial experience to Oakleaf Executive to help develop the executive search presence along with Emma Castillo, Simon Hunt and Richard Colgan. Oakleaf are already HR market leaders. Heidi brings an exceptional client experience with a straightforward and honest approach.

She feels passionately that companies should consider the returner workforce to their teams and embrace their previous business and life experiences. She chose Oakleaf as they have a diverse work force and a professional, practical approach to the working environment, with everyone working between home and their fabulous offices at No1 Poultry at Bank, in the heart of the city where so many of their clients and candidates are based.

Heidi will specialise in senior executive search and would welcome a confidential chat, whether that be to discuss your next personal career move, assist with sourcing outstanding HRLT talent or just to understand a little more about the executive market and current trends, she looks forward to speaking to you.

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