Senior Consultant - Commerce & Industry

Daniel Briselden

After spending most of my early teens as a Personal Trainer I decided to make a move into a career that I found to be competitive with a mixture of people interaction, consulting and sales.

I found myself drawn to Human Resources and how subjects such as Remuneration, wellbeing and engagement have an impact on how we interact with and ultimately buy into the visions of the companies we work for.

I joined a market leading recruitment business to set up their Remuneration and Analytics business but had a desire to explore the other pieces of the HR puzzle and have focused my attention to recruiting HR Generalists.

I have recently joined Oakleaf as a Senior Consultant to support the career development of passionate HR professionals and to provide a very honest and credible Recruitment service to my clients who are looking to raise the profile of HR within their organisation.

Outside of my day job I am very passionate about fitness and nutrition and spend a lot of my time working with individuals to help them to take control of their health and wellbeing. I also spend most of my spare time with my daughter in various ice cream parlours and pizzerias (her choice not mine)

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